On Feb 17, I went out to feed just like any other day, and I saw the youngsters were not at the fence line
eagerly awaiting their breakfast. Running up, I saw they were nowhere in their large pasture, so I jumped the
fence and started calling them. They are next to the mothers of two of them, and even in the best of days,
are a total pain to get away from the horses in the pasture next door.(that's teen agers!). Running around
the pasture I saw a gap in the fence. The top board had been neatly laid underneath the bottom board and
the middle board had been sawed in half. Ran around the empty fiels next door- nothing. Ran back to the
house and got my shepherd Yenn, took him to the gap in the fence, he is IPO 3 German import, and I asked
him to track the horses,. Having recently imported him from Germany, I knew he had been trained for this, but
had never tried him. He was perfect, found the tracks, followed them beautifully. Stopped at some tracks next
to the road where you could see a vehicle had come in and something heavy loaded on. My heart sank.
I noticed a motion activated camera right where they had come out. I called the neighbor who mentioned it
was his nephew and called him right away. He was out of the area but said would download the pictures as
soon as he got back that evening.
In the meantime, I called several friends,who posted everywhere. A friend of a friend of a friend called the
news media, people posted all over while I was checking (just in case) they had simply gotten out. (Right?
With a board sawen in half? I think I lost it for a bit). Called a friend who had been up all night at work, asked
him to come over right away (he keeps his filly here and is familiar with the horses). Bless his heart- he came
over with no sleep! Called the police, who put out a bulliten and allerted agencies right away.
In the meantime, unbeknown to me, someone had called the media and they started calling and coming out.
God Bless them and all the people who  got this out ASAP. I never thought I would see my babies again.
They had been born here, I imprinted each of them, babied them, and loved them. Two belonged to my best
friend Nancy M.- and I was sick thinking of how to tell her the babies had been stolen.
While showing  two of the media stations where the trailer was , I heard a horse whinny, it was late at night, I
didn't know of anyone having a horse on that property so I hoped! Really hoped! I called but they did not
come (the babies always run up when called- it means TREATS! And they do love their treats. Nothing!
In the meantime, the gentleman came out , picked up his camera, and downloaded the pictures. He called to
let me know that there were 3 "white" pictures at 2:12a.m., like someone had covered the lens. No pictures of
the horses getting out (impossible , they went right in front of it). Needless to say- hope faded.
The news stations (GOD BLESS THEM) ran the story at all their news hours,  it was all over the internet , all
the horse groups, people emailed friends who passed it on, I was amazed at how many good people came
forward to help!
Regardless, I went out there at dawn to check, just in case, and took hay with me. If they had escaped they
would be hungry, feeding them would keep them put till I got help to get them home. I found there was a
horse there and hope dashed, then I saw the babies, they came running up "Hey, Mom, where have you
been? !". They were not hungry except for treats, so someone fed them and took care of them (if you are
reading this, you were rotten to steal them, but thank you for taking care of them and bringing them back).
Again I called around, and poor Woody was the only one who picked up the phone ( he is SO sleep deprived
at this point poor man!), he came right over, called Spring Grove Police Department who was kind enough to
block the road. Led them across but when we got to the spot where they had been loaded, they panicked
and ran back across the road.
Found a fenced of horse pen, no one home, took the liberty of thinking, horse people help horese people
anhd put the horses in their pen. Called more people, got some Ace, gave the two that seemed the most
upset a shot (they were not upset till they got to that spot across the road). Called the police back and after a
bit of work, got the babies home. (Neighbor has a surprise coming!)
A neighbor said he was up the night of the 18th (the day I found them, and he remembered seeing some
vehicles stopped on the road. Best guess- they stopped and unloaded them there- doesn't take long in a
stock trailer to get horses out. They were right across the road from the empty field in back of our property
from  where they had been taken in a big expanse of perfect lawn in front of an imaculate house next to the
To all the people who made these horses too well known for the thief to keep or sell, God Bless You! Without
you, and all the media atention, I have no doubt I would never have seen the babies again. I can never thank
you all enough!!! My heart was broken, the pain was so real, and it seemed like a nightmare!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for making these horses too "hot" to keep!!
I have left names out since I don't yet have permission to use them- all of you- Thank you!!